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The Birth of the JGA

The Birth of the Junior Golf Alliance

The Junior Golf Alliance was set up by a group of individuals who wanted to improve children’s experience of golf.

For a long time Neil, Jonathan and Nevil felt that what they offered in terms of children’s golf coaching was good but they were not recruiting and retaining enough children to build and grow a sustainable business.


They looked in detail at their own programme as well as what children, and parents, were experiencing outside of the game of golf. They quickly realised that the technical aspects to the game were secondary to the importance of truly engaging, motivating and encouraging the child to learn.

At most clubs today, coaching children golf is often the job undertaken by the ‘rookie coach’. Is it right that the youngest and least experienced coaches are often charged with coaching the youngest and least experienced players?

The first experience that children receive, either in school or at a club, is vital. The Junior Golf Alliance believes that this should be delivered and facilitated by an expert – someone who understands what engages and absorbs children; what motivates them to want to learn and what can plant the seed to a lifetime of golf participation.

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The founders of the Junior Golf Alliance also realised that in order to break the mould of the least experienced coaches often being assigned to children’s coaching, a more attractive and sustainable business model needed to be developed.

This model has been extracted from the hugely successful JOLF coaching programme, which was the brainchild of Neil and Jonathan in 2011. Today, along with Nevil, the programme continues to thrive and provides the foundation that will help any coach to ‘recruit, retain, grow and sustain’ a successful business coaching children.