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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Still have some questions about our courses? Hopefully, these quick-fire Q&A’s will help.

Do I need to be a PGA Professional to do the courses?

No. Both online courses and workshops at all levels are available to anyone interested in coaching golf to children – something you can do regardless of whether you’re a PGA Pro or not.

Do I need to be working in the golf industry to do the courses?

No. In fact, they’re great for people thinking about entering the industry or for those wanting to teach golf outside of the industry – for instance, school teachers.

How difficult are the courses?

Because they’re practical-based courses, not theory, we believe they’re very achievable for anyone either working, volunteering or with an interest in coaching golf to children.

What if I have exam-phobia?

No problem – there are no exams!

How do you grade or monitor my progress on the online courses?

Online course have a series of quizzes – both self-assessed and auto-marked by the system. Some of the courses also have assignment(s) that are submitted to your Junior Golf Alliance tutor for marking.

What if my spelling and grammar isn't very good?

That’s okay. We don’t mark down for spelling errors or poor grammar.

What if I've never written an essay before?

None of our courses ask for a formal essay, so that’s not a problem. We also don’t ask for bibliographies or referencing, so no prior experience of formal educational writing prose is needed.

Do I need internet access to do the online courses?

Yes, at the moment there is no off-line version – so an internet connection is required.

Do I need a special computer or software to do the online courses?

No, our eLearning portal is fully hosted in the cloud. All you need is a computer or tablet with a web-browser – we recommend Explorer, Chrome or Firefox.

Can I use my tablet to study?

Yes, the eLearning portal is fully compatible with popular tablets.

How do I enrol and pay?

Just select the course you want to undertake and click the “Enrol” button. You’ll be asked to complete a short form with your details and will then be diverted to the check-out pages in order to pay. We will then send a confirmation email to you.

When do the courses start?

Details of the dates and times of all workshop courses are shown on the website. In terms of the online courses, you can start whenever you like.

Is there a time limit to complete online courses?

We do put a time limit on them and this varies from course-to-course, however, we ensure that it gives ample time to complete the training.

Can I enrol onto more than one online course at once?

Yes, that’s no problem. After you’ve logged in to the Learning Management System all the courses you’ve enrolled on will show for you to select which one you want to continue with.

What qualification do I receive at the end of the courses?

Workshop courses will earn a “Certificate of Attendance”. Online course will earn a Junior Golf Alliance Certificate in your chosen topic. Our courses are being recognised by an increasing number of organisations, clubs and leisure businesses.

How quickly will I receive my course materials?

That’s another great thing about eLearning – you’ll have access to your course within 24-hours. In some instances, it’s almost immediate.

Can I do the online courses by printed materials rather than online?

Yes, but due to print and courier costs this is sometimes more expensive. Make an enquiry with us once you’ve chosen the course you wish to study.

How long does it take to mark my assignment?

We aim to get them back to you within 14 days.

Do I get a copy of the online course materials to keep for future reference?

Yes. After you’ve completed and passed the course, we can guide you to a password-protected page where you can download all materials in PDF version.