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Consultancy & Support

Supporting Your Coaching Business

We know that there are so many excellent coaches who are doing great work with children in their clubs and their local community. However, are they providing appropriate coaching for every single child in their sessions and delivering the best possible experiences they could? Furthermore, are they able to grow and sustain what they offer?

  • Where do coaches go to get help recruiting and retaining children and families?
  • Where do they get help sustaining and growing their children’s coaching business?
  • How can coaches pull together their new found knowledge and bring it to life?

The JGA can support coaches in all aspects of their junior coaching.

The initial training modules will give coaches the framework to reflect on what they have done before and develop to a standard where they will feel confident of providing a fun, engaging and appropriate experience for each child, every time.

Our business course focuses on:

  • the development of an understanding of the kind of children’s coaching product that promotes long term commitment from children and parents;
  • the development of the skills and knowhow needed to be able to communicate effectively with existing and potential clients (children’s parents);
  • the implementation of a marketing and publicity plan that works and results in good administrative procedures and increased sales.
  • Our consultancy service complements this training by providing one-to-one support and advice.

    Think of it like this…

    Our courses are our engine, well put together and very powerful. The engine will not work without oil (consultancy) to make it run smoothly and petrol (support) to keep it going and not run out of energy.

    Consultancy and support takes everything from the courses and helps the coach make it happen and make it real.

    Support is us being there to bounce ideas off, a shoulder to lean on. We act very much as a silent business partner in the shadows.

    Many coaches that we have worked with have highlighted the value of co-coaching. You are able to get another view on what you are doing, back up your decisions and grow in confidence. Coaching on your own can be a lonely existence.